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Vacuum Solutions

Efficient and reliable proven vacuum technologies for your individual application.

Vacuum is critical in a wide variety of applications – and the need for vacuum continues to grow. We have been developing state-of-the-art vacuum solutions for over 20 year and have a market-leading status in the ongoing innovation of gas compression techniques such as screw, claw and scroll. Our vacuum specialists are constantly improving the performance of our products, targeting new application areas and meeting new challenges.

The reliability you need

When it comes to the provision of vacuum to your critical processes, you can’t afford to compromise. Whether your business is printing, plastics, packaging, woodworking, bottling, canning or similar challenging industries, it is essential to eliminate risk. We’re known for our extensive range of highly reliable vacuum solutions, designed especially for applications that require consistent and efficient vacuum creation.

High productivity and low total cost of ownership

Besides our world leading compressed air technologies, we have been designing best in class solutions for industrial vacuum needs and offer efficient and reliable vacuum solutions to the industry including a lot of vacuum solutions and reliable vacuum products in partnership with our specialized brands such as Stokes Vacuum and custom engineered products for the oil and gas or power industry, former branded as Hick Hargreaves.

We are your reliable partner. Our broad product portfolio and application expertise mean the right solutions for your application. Each configured to your specific needs … bringing you predictable performance you can rely on.