MINIJET 120 enables application of all types of pasty film fillers. It is a compact, quiet and light machine.

It can be moved up and down stairs by only one person, thanks to its trolley-type chassis.
Cleaning can be made rapidly, only at the very end of the poject and the pump can be changed in 5 minutes directly on the construction site.
The machine is equipped with a ball nose pump with integrated filter. Starting is wireless when the gun is opened.
The quick-release hoses make it easier to use on site.

All types of ready-to-use film plasters: smoothing coating, raking coating, casing coating, bituminous coating…


– a Ø16 x 15 m hose
– a Jetpro spray-gun with tip holder
– a TT3 435 tip
– a toolbox containing:

  • two spanners 17 and 22
  • a multigrip plier
  • three Allen keys Ø2, 5 and 8
  • two cleaning balls and a cleaning brush
  • 1 L of storage liquid

JETMIX 100 + MIXPRO 70 atomizing set

High efficiency unit composed with an atomizer and a continuous mixer unique on the market, versatile, efficient and easy to use.


All types of ready-to-use film plasters: smoothing coating, raking coating, casing coating, bituminous coating …


Motor 0,75 kW
Electrical supply 230 V / 50 and 60 Hz
Rotation speed forward/backward 280 RPM
Tank capacity 40 L


Maximum working pressure 110 bar
Maximum product flow-rate 6 L/min
Motor 2,2 kW
Electrical supply 230 V / 50 and 60 Hz
Tank capacity 60 L


– a Ø16 x 20 m hose
– a 21,5 m cable
– a 1L bottle of storage liquid
– a toolbox containing :

  • a spray-gun
  • a TT3 443 tip
  • a tip holder
  • two cleaning balls
  • three Allen keys Ø2, 5, 8
  • a 17 mm spanner
  • an adjustable plier
  • a cleaning brush


The Mixpro 60 Premium mixer is ideal for the preparation of screeds and premixed plasters.

Its new mixing chamber is made of polyurethane.
The flowmeter allows a precise visualisation of the water dosage.

Easy to use and practical for transport and storage with its foldable legs.


– a toolbag containing:

  • a Geka PG15 1/2″ coupling
  • two clamping collars
  • a brush

COMPACT-PRO 35 spraying machine


Spraying machine for mortars and exterior coatings.
Equipped with a stainless steel tank, a digital control panel and a twin-cylinder compressor.


Traditional mortars with admixtures, hydraulic coatings, monolayers, lime-based coatings, high-load technical and special coatings, repointing coatings…

With optional lance and pump:
Glues and E.W.I. coatings, thick plastic coatings, light hydraulic coatings…


– a Ø32 mm x 10 m air/product hose
– a pressure controller with adapter
– a carry-case containing:

  • an ABS mortar spray lance
  • eight spraying nozzles (Ø8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 & 22 mm)
  • three grouting nozzles (Ø10, 12 & 14 mm)
  • two cleaning balls and a tube brush
  • a cleaning brush
  • an unplugging brush
  • a 7 mm Allen key