The No.2® electrostatic hand spray gun provides exceptionally fine atomization and almost 100 % paint transfer efficiency.

High transfer efficiency, environmental friendliness, and high quality finishes are the main features of the No.2® electrostatic spray gun.  The spray gun uses an air driven rotating spray bell to atomise the paint which produces an ultra fine “pure” electrostatic atomization.

This process produces unsurpassed paint savings. The No.2®  electrostatic spray gun is the ideal tool for economic spray painting, especially suited for intricate metallic parts.

Typical applications

  • Wrought Iron and metal products
  • Fences, Gates, Railings and many other Intricate metal parts etc.
  • “On-site” Office Furniture refurbishment
  • Wire and screen products
  • Security doors, fixtures and fittings
  • Government maintenance departments
  • Recreational park fences and play area’s..

Complete spray system, cart-type
Material supply from 10 l pressure tank

The system consists of:
-Electrostatic hand spray gun No.2® with 4” bell
-7.5 m high voltage cable
-7.5 m fluid hose
-7.5 m air hose
-High voltage control unit
-Air filter/regulator
-Pressure tank with pressure regulator 10 l, type 83C-210-CE
-Air Inlet: 9/16” 18-NC
Fluid Inlet: 9/16” 18-NC (left-handed thread)