Ransburg is the global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of manual and automatic electrostatic spray finishing products. They provide spray finishing solutions from single gun applications to high profile industrial and automotive manufacturing markets. Ransburg continually refines its electrostatic spray painting guns and rotary atomiser technology, delivering a “Class A” finish to each and every customer’s product, whilst reducing VOC emissions by providing excellent transfer efficiency and atomisation.

Ransburg Vector Low Pressure Electrostatic Spray Gun Range

Ransburg Vector, the new generation of manual electrostatic sprayguns for all low pressure application. Reduced weight and trigger-pull combined with an improved ergonomic design make the Ransburg Vector Range the most sought after manual electrostatic gun range in the world.

Ransburg RansFlex Electrostatic Manual Spray Gun

RansFlex is a low pressure air atomising electrostatic spraygun powered by an inbuilt turbine. Designed with the operator in mind, the handle incorporates many fit and feel improvements with better balanced weight to reduce operator fatigue. DeVilbiss World renowned air cap atomisation technology is coupled with Ransburg electrostatic power to provide superior atomization, transfer efficiency and performance, all backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

Ransburg RansFlex RFXi Indirect Electrostatic Manual Spray Gun

The all new RansFlex RFXi 65kV spray gun delivers features and benefits that surpass all other electrostatic applicators. RFXi is a low pressure air atomising electrostatic spray gun powered by an inbuilt turbine generator.

Ransburg RansFlex RFQ and RFXQ Quick Fan Electrostatic Spray Gun

The RansFlex Quick Fan Adjust applicator, is an air atomising electrostatic applicator powered by an onboard generator that provides best in class atomisation in a lightweight, user friendly applicator.

Ransburg Aerobell 168

The Ransburg Aerobell is a compact high speed rotary atomizer which provides excellent transfer efficiency with superior atomization.

Ransburg Aerobell 168

Ransburg Aerobell üstün atomizasyon ile mükemmel transfer verimi sağlayan kompakt yüksek devirli bir atomizör.

Ransburg Vector AA90 Air Assisted Airless Electrostatic Spray Gun

Ransburg expands the Vector line of manual electrostatic spray guns with the introduction of the Vector AA90 air-assisted airless gun.

Ransburg Aerobell 268

The Ransburg Aerobell 268 is a high speed electrostatic bell rotary atomiser. The Aerobell 268 builds on the performance and reliability of the Aerobell family of products but also offers three colour / triple purge functionality.

Ransburg 9060 Power Supplies

Ransburg 9060 Power Supplies are the latest generation power platforms available in low voltage cascade and high voltage versions.

Ransburg MicroPak 2e

The MicroPak 2e controller represents the very latest cutting edge technology for high voltage supply.