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G 2-7 Rotary screw compressors

Efficient, productive, quiet and clean – these are just some of the benefits of our G 2-7 range of oil-injected rotary screw compressors.

The G 2-7 models are the smallest rotary screw compressors in our portfolio – but they pack a punch in every way. They are the ideal solution for small companies, workshops and operations with an infrequent compressed air demand that are looking to expand.

61 dB

The G 2-7 operates at 61-67 decibels, which makes it a safe and comfortable point-of-use companion. No sound attenuation or separate compressor room required.


No need for cool-down periods because the G 2-7 can run around the clock.

46 stupnjeva

The G 2-7 can function reliably in ambient temperatures of up to 46°C.

What makes the G 2-7 the ideal small compressor?

Plug-and-play, one-person installation.

A premium-efficiency motor lowers energy use and costs.

A low-vibration screw element minimizes noise to allow installation close to the point of use.

Easy to operate thanks to its Elektronikon® Base controller.

Service indications and visual alerts help ensure optimal working order.

Choose between a floor- and a tank-mounted model. Different receiver sizes are available.

A refrigerant dryer can be fully integrated for dry, quality air without taking up extra space.

Prevent condensation at low loads and improve reliability with the optional oil heater.

G 2-7 vs. piston compressors – who does it better?